Week #7 Update

The targets shoot back!


This shows the nearest target shooting at the player and the spread of their shots. The red lines are successful hits.


This shows the furthest away target shooting at the player, you can see that they're far less likely to hit the player. 

If the player doesn't hide behind cover then a near target might kill the player one in every three sets of fire, but the player would be unlucky if they were killed by the furthest away target. 

The current player health system works on the idea that it takes 3 hits close together to kill the player, this means you can take an unlimited number of hits from targets if they're spaced out a bit. This is because I want the targets to be a real but avoidable threat to the player, but I don't want the damage taken from one target to effect the entire rest of your game play. This also removes the need for a health bar or number in the GUI - it's as simple as if there's a red damage ring on the GUI then you're wounded and should be hiding - once it's gone away in a couple of seconds then you're no longer wounded. 

My goals for the upcoming week will be to have the targets move on fixed paths or be animated on the spot, this will have to temporally stop while they're firing at the player.

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